Is Spatial Reasoning an overlooked key asset?

If you are imagining decorating a new home, playing chess or reading a map, doing this would appeal to your spatial reasoning capabilities. Spatial skills are considered to be crucial for understanding as well as interpreting the world surrounding us including assuring professional success in different fields. It is noticed that spatial skills are often ignored.

About spatial reasoning

Also known as spatial intelligence is considered to be the capability to visualize, imagine as well as differentiate objects in2D or 3D form. It provides us with the ability to manipulate, understand and to modify complex data present. At the same time, it also helps to translate concepts to concrete ideas.

The various researches conducted have clearly identified proper relation between success achieved in STEM fields (mathematics, engineering, technology and science) with that of spatial reasoning. For instance, a study involving a huge number of students showed that their spatial capabilities predicted success later in the STEM fields. These days, organizations across the globe have realized the benefits of conducting spatial reasoning test among potential and existing employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses.Business

Is it an asset for innovation and creativity?

With the invention of engine, theory of relativity or discovery of DNA structure are said to be creations that were born out of spatial visualization. Hence, people having excellent spatial skills are found to be more skilled and experts at recognizing models. They do pay attention to all spatial details, imagine as well as express proposals from various inventive perspectives.

Therefore, spatial reasoning skills can not only be termed to be a measure to success being achieved in the STEM field, but also are valuable in several artistic fields. Some creative professions include cooking, fashion, architecture, multimedia, web design and communications. These professions can benefit immense benefits by hiring individuals having excellent spatial skills.

Spatial reasoning assessment

Existing evaluation measures that focus more on numerical or verbal skills will not help to identify people having fabulous spatial abilities. Hence, the organization is likely to miss out on the good candidates, if spatial reasoning evaluation exam is not adopted and conducted among the potential candidates. As a matter of fact, spatial reasoning evaluation exam measures the individual’s spatial reasoning skills, including mental rotation ability.

Among the different visual spatial skills involved, mental rotation is said to have sparked greater interest among researchers. It combines the capability to use imaginations towards visualizing and to reposition complex objects having the capability to locate patterns and to apply them in new situations.

Is it possible to develop spatial reasoning?

Plurality of intelligences was first highlighted by Howard Gardner, the American psychologist. What is actually known as intelligence is actually not an individual faculty. Rather, it is group of skills that is acquired or innate, which could be applied to the different spheres of life. Spatial intelligence is considered to be one among them.

It is through different types of activities that improvement can be noticed on spatial reasoning skills among people of all ages.

Top Reasons to Hire A professional Moving Company

If you are thinking or taking decision of Moving to another part of the country, it sounds exciting. But are you aware of the possible outcomes associated with long distance moves? Moving for one place to another for permanent basis is often regarded as one of the most hectic, stressful and cumbersome tasks. Home moving is not a one hand task. It requires the expertise and skills of professionals. If you are from Canada then you can contact Nelson movers to get the job done for you in the most perfect way and only they can make your moving a safe one hassle free. Hiring them facilitates a smooth and effective home moving experience. Besides, offering you relocation services, they assist you with a safe and effortless transportation of your possessions.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional moving company for you:

They have Right Set of Equipment:Business

Professional movers have all type of tools and equipment required for a smooth relocation. They have an ample number of skilled workers who will carefully handle your entities. In addition to manpower, they have appropriate sizes of trucks to transport your goods to distant places. With their right equipment they can be able to avoid the danger of loading and un loading your goods.

Relieves you of Stress in the Process of Moving:

As moving from one place to another is a complex process, there are chances for you to land up in panic. Hiring professional movers relieves you from stress and provides you a peace of mind. With ample amount of experience in home moving, these professionals know how to handle different objects. They also have an insight on how to deal with unexpected events that may arise during long distance and local moves.

They Get the Moving Done Safely:

Hiring professionals not only ensures you with insurance or peace of mind but also facilitate safe handling and transportation of your precious materials. Furthermore, trained and skilled movers have technical know-how of packing the things in appropriate containers, eliminating the possible dangers to your possessions.

Reduced chances of Injury:

It is probable for one to undergo a backache or spine breakdown while handling heavy objects. So instead of causing your nerves and spines to break, it is recommended to take the help of professionals to get the job done. They have dollies and ramps to easily lift and move the objects, reducing the chances of injuries.

They Can Save You Costs in Long-Run:

Hiring a home mover is economical as compared to a DIY project. Imagine taking up a DIY project for home moving and ending up in disgust and regret. So, it advisable to hire a professional mover to save the costs that might be involved in DIY failures. Also, self-moves involve hidden costs and expenses. So, make sure you compare all the potential costs involved in self-moving and hiring a mover.

So, while you have to move one place to another then you must take help of the professional moving company.

Holiday Payroll Concerns for Large and Small Businesses Alike

With Memorial Day now behind us, the next big holiday is Independence Day. The July 4th holiday will be here sooner than you know. The question for your payroll department is this: is staff ready to handle the challenges that come with accounting for holidays? Such challenges might not be recognizable unless you handle payroll for a living.

Forbes contributor Cameron King wrote a great piece at the end of May talking about one of the problems that arise around holidays: making sure that employees get paid on time even when payroll processing falls on a holiday.

A good way to address holiday pay issues is to outsource payroll to a third-party provider like Dallas-based BenefitMall. In the absence of outsourcing, payroll departments have to pay attention to the little things. Otherwise, a company may find itself inconveniencing employees or, even worse, breaking the law.

Accounting for Overtime Pay

As you already know, federal law requires that all nonexempt employees be paid overtime for any hours in excess of 40 worked in a given workweek. That requirement does not change on weeks that involve holidays. If an employee exceeds the 40-hour workweek during a week that includes a holiday, overtime pay still required.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Federal law does not mandate companies pay extra overtime for working on holidays. Nor are employers required to offer pay extra for standard holiday hours. The law considers holidays as regular working days. However, your company may have certain holiday policies in place.

A good example is a policy that stipulates employees must work the day before and after a holiday in order to qualify for holiday pay. Once that policy has been implemented, the employer must stay true to it until the policy is either altered or done away with.

If your company offers paid holidays, does it also pay time-and-a-half (overtime pay) as though the holiday time were actual work time? If so, company is in the minority. The vast amount of U.S. employers stick to the letter of the law when calculating working hours and overtime pay.

Running Payroll on Time

The bigger concern, according to King, is making sure that payroll is run on time during holiday weeks. King cited Memorial Day as a good example. If Memorial Day falls on May 31st, that last day of the month would be a bank holiday on which financial transactions would not be processed. A company that pays employees on the 15th and last day of the month would discover they could not actually make payment on the 31st.


That could have a ripple effect on employees expecting their payment on the last day of the month. Not being paid on the 31st could cascade into employees missing their own scheduled payments, bouncing checks, or whatever. King says that payroll departments have to account for these kinds of things during holiday weeks.

Hand-in-hand with not paying employees on time is not making income tax, FICA, and other government payments on schedule. The government is even less forgiving than employees. So missing payments during a holiday week can set a company up for serious problems.

Again, the best way to avoid these kinds of problems is to outsource payroll to a third-party. It is the payroll provider’s responsibility to account for holidays and anything else that could get in the way of running payroll and paying employees.

How to Plan for a Home Loan in Advance

Your home is the most significant investment you will ever make in your life. Hence, you cannot leave it to chance. A lot of planning goes towards acquiring your dream home. After all, you plan to live in this home for a significant part of your lives. You would like your house to be the best. You need the best interior decorations and furniture. Hence, it is natural that you should search for the Best Housing Loan to finance your most cherished asset.

How do you plan for your Home Loan?

You have to consider a lot of things when you plan for a Home Loan. Let us help you with the planning process.

Home first or loan first?

There are two ways of approaching the situation:

  • Search for your dream home, finalise it, and then approach the bank for a Home Loan.
  • Approach a bank, take a pre-approved Home Loan, and then search for your dream house.

Home FirstBusiness

We shall consider the first option. Naturally, you have a budget in mind. You should start your planning quite early in your career. Start saving money for your dream home right from the first day of your job. You earmark a specific portion of your income towards forming a corpus for your home. Have a separate account and deposit the funds in it. You can invest the money in productive assets so that it grows faster than the regular savings account. Many options are available on the market such as the FDs in banks, mutual funds, and so on.

You need this corpus to cater to the following expenses when you decide to go for the Home Loan:

  • Banks have products where they finance 75% to 90% of the value of the property depending on the amount of loan you avail. It entails that you have to pitch in with your margin or contribution in the range of 10% to 25%.
  • Your bank loan does not cover the cost of stamp duty and registration charges. The stamp duty depends on the location where you purchase the property. In case you wish to buy your home in Tamil Nadu, the stamp duty is 7% of the agreement value or the guideline value of the property whichever is higher.
  • Banks charge processing fees in the range of 0.35% to 1% plus GST. Keep these funds available in your savings account before you apply for a Home Loan.
  • There are other expenses such as legal scrutiny charges, valuation charges, equitable mortgage charges, brokerage charges, and so on.
  • Once you finalise your dream home, you can approach Home Loan service providers like MyMoneyMantra to check out the Home Loan options available to you. The advantage is that you get quality guidance such as assessing your profile, assistance in selecting the right loan, help in preparing the documents, and so on.
  • Finalise your bank, pay the processing fees, and submit the documents called for by the bank. On receiving the sanction, you bring in your share of the margin and complete the disbursement formalities. Move into your dream house and have the time of your life.

Loan first

You can opt for this process if you are not very sure of your budget. Most of the banks have facilities where they offer pre-approved Home Loans depending on the income documents you submit to the bank. You know the extent of financial support you will get from your bank.

It helps you to search for homes within this budget. Also, you have an advantage wherein you can negotiate with builders for a better price. Builders feel more confident in dealing with you when they are aware you have a pre-approved Home Loan offer. You can also take advantage of exploring properties in the bank pre-approved projects. You get a good range of houses to choose from.

However, you have to start saving early to cater to expenses like stamp duty, your margin, and the other costs stated in the earlier paragraph. Once you finalize the home within your budget, you can approach the bank with the necessary papers. The bank does a thorough re-appraisal of your Home Loan application before approving the same. On receipt of the sanction letter, you can proceed with the documentation and disbursal. Complete the disbursal and creation of equitable mortgage formalities before shifting to your dream house. You can now use the money you have saved for the interior decoration, furniture, and other aspects of beautification.

As you see, you need a lot of planning before you buy your dream home. Pay the instalments on time and have a great time with your family in your cherished home.

Pick Out the Best Online Store To Get High-Quality Snow Jackets

Are you searching for the best and ideal place to get high-quality snow jackets for men? If so then online is the best option. Basically online offers wide collections of winter jackets in different size, shapes, and designs. So you can get the best one which suits your needs and budget. These days’ massive numbers of people are choosing online instead of going to the retail shops to purchase the things.  It is because of the convenience. Anyone can purchase the things they want in the comfort of their home itself. In order to get high and premium quality snow jackets, it is essential to hire the best and reliable online store.Business

Choose the best online store

These days there is a wide range of online stores are available to choose from, so it will be quite a difficult task to hire the best online store among the others. There are many factors to consider while choosing the best online stores which are given below

  • Reputation

The online store you choose must have a high reputation among the people. It is because the reputed store is always specializing in providing reliable and cost-effective service to the customers. In addition to that, they must have more experience in the online business.

  • Price

The price is another factor to consider while choosing the online store. Compare the price from an online site to another. And then pick the best one which fits your needs and budget. In addition to that check whether they offer any discounts or any special deals to their products. It is because it will aid you to save more money while purchasing.

  • Service

There is a massive number of online stores are available who are always dedicated to offering reliable service to the customers. But all the stores are not reliable. So it is essential to pick the best online site who offers premium and trustworthy service to the customers.

  • Secure payment option

The online site which you choose must always provide a safe and secure payment option for their customers.

  • Customer review

The customer review is one of the important factors to consider finding out the best online store. So compare the customer review from one site to another and pick the best one which fits your needs.

Reason to purchase winter jackets online

Anyone can get numerous collections of jackets for plus size ladies India online at the reasonable price. Due to the effortless and rapidity of delivery service, the online has become more popular among the people nowadays. The online store is obtainable at a round of clock, so you can purchase the winter cloth at any time you want. The online ordering procedure is so easy and trouble-free. They always provide a secure and safe payment option to the customers. After ordering you can get your product within a few days. Overall online make each and every life in the world so easily.