Different types of printing styles and methods that can cater to your business needs

Each of us has different printing needs depending on where and what your needs are. A lot of us constantly need to use printed materials such as documents, spreadsheets, even banners, tarpaulins and other stuff.

If you are someone who needs printed materials for your business, then you must learn the different types of prints so that you can have a clearer understanding of it which can also give you a wider option for your printing needs.

There are different types of print styles that you can choose from depending on your business needs and also the type of materials that are going to be produced from the printing machines.

Even before, printed materials are very useful for different purposes, either for documentation, presentation, advertising and promotional purposes for your products or service that is why it is crucial for each business owner to learn the different styles and methods of printing which has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of usage.

To help you out, you should continue reading this post that will provide you some of the most common and sought-after printing styles and methods that you can invest in for your business. For reliable printing and photocopying services, you can hire copier sydney.

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  1. Embossing– Considered to be one of the most well-known professional printing services is embossing. This technique uses a three-dimensional image on the paper which is totally unusual where it causes the reader to take notice of it. Usually, the cost of the embossing is affordable enough for many customers. Embossed business cards are usually having higher retention rate according to some research while the plain cards which do not have any embossing do not have any distinctive features at all.
  2. Digital printing– Considered to be a top choice for many, a digital printer is a professional which specializes in digital printing by using files and digital images instead of the images and text on a physical paper. This process is considered to be very fast and very cost-effective. A lot of these materials are produced today by using digital technology and it also helped in lowering the costs of printing.
  3. Electrostatic printing– Even though it is not that highly used today, electrostatic printing is the process that is very similar to photocopying as it uses electrically charged drum and toner instead of using ink.
  4. Flexographic printing– Opposite to digital printing, flexography is mainly used in printing for cans, plastics, and other materials which are not made of paper. This kind of method is very similar to letterpress; however, it is an upgraded version of it.
  5. Gravure printing– Probably the most expensive professional printing service you can have, this kind of printing uses a copper plate which makes it very costly.