Proven Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

Is it still possible to earn free Bitcoins? Definitely. As the matter of fact, it is simple than you can think. But, before we go ahead over many ways to earn free bitcoin, let us know about what is Bitcoin. To start with, BTC was made by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The pseudonymous person put the white paper on the Internet, which described an idea of BTC and blockchain technology where the Bitcoin runs.

Moreover, Bitcoin is the decentralized cryptocurrency. What does it mean? For instance, if I wished to send money to any friend, I will need to use bank. It makes bank a middleman. For the decentralized crypto such as Bitcoin, there’s not any need of this middleman. Government doesn’t need to come in the picture, sender and you, receiver. What’s more, when the Bitcoin transactions get verified by the miner or when miners verify some amount of transactions, then they will get free Bitcoins.

Facts about bitcoins

Bitcoins faucets

It is unarguably the cheapest and easiest ways to get free Bitcoins. The method was introduced first by the developer Gavin Andresen in 2010. Thus, what are the Bitcoin faucets? They’re applications or websites that will reward the users with little amounts of Bitcoins in each few minutes by completing the captcha or small task. You might be thinking, why will people offer you free Bitcoin faucets? Here are some reasons:

  • To earn ads revenue
  • Introduce people to Bitcoin
  • To improve website traffic

Bitcoins from PTC websites

PTC is like Bitcoin faucets, nonetheless, it needs a little more time. More time that you give, higher will be your reward. In a way it works is you have to watch the video ads or visit some specific websites. For every completed task, you will get free Bitcoin. You will have to visit the websites frequently to find more rewards. Thus, if you like watching videos, you must look for PTC websites and earn free Bitcoins.

Join affiliate programs

The affiliate programs are the simplest ways to get the fair share of Bitcoins. However, how does this work? The affiliates are the people who will promote the good and service free but get the commission in case they bring the customers to buy any product. For doing this, companies can provide your unique affiliate links and promo codes for sharing with the audience that is generally tied with your account.

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