Live better and make more money through shopping

Have you ever wished to find an alternate source of income for you and your family? Regular jobs aren’t always enough in the current day and age. The economy is bad and we all need some extra money if we can get it for several purposes. The extra money can help us achieve some extra but necessary amenities in life, and who wants to pass on that? But the question that arises is, where can we get the extra money from? It is tiring enough as it is, working days and night and weekends to make our ends meet, and in this situation, dreaming about an extra added income does come off as unrealistic

Yet there is a way that can happen. Trunited is a SoComm website that pays you to shop through it. If you’re wondering what a SoComm website is, it is a socializing Commerce website that makes a deal with the brands it promotes, and for every online purchase or promotion, a portion of the sales is given to the customer who does the deed. Trunited is one of the world’s best SoComm websites that can finally answer your quest for the extra income.

Who is Dr. Nico and how does he fit in with trunited?

Dr. Nicholas Porter is the founder and owner of Trunited. His primary profession was of a dentist, several years ago. When he was a child, being a member of a family with eight siblings, he realized it early on that it was difficult to survive in this world if you have a shortage of money. During his childhood, he couldn’t afford to have regular dental checkups due to money matters and vowed one day to take a stand and change the situation for the better. Lucky for us, he did everything he vowed to do.

Earn By Shopping

A few years down the road, once Dr. Nico had made enough money and name in the world of dentistry, he decided to give back to the community. That is when he founded the Trunited Corporation. With the help of Trunited, Dr. Nico has been able to send millions of dollars to families in return for their shopping through the site. Thousands of people have the added blessing of an extra income because of Dr. Nico.

What is Dr. Nico’s podcast?

Dr. Nico’s podcast is a podcast that is hosted by the founder of Trunited, Dr. Nicolas Porter or Dr. Nico. In this podcast, he shares his visions and perspectives on life, business and success. The podcast gives out a 40’s vibe of sitting by the radio and listening, and in the seven minutes of the programme, Dr. Nico shares his inspirational thoughts about how anyone can achieve anything they want, against all their shortcomings and their imperfections. The podcast is presented with a single hope that families and loved ones can sit together and enjoy their session together.


Dr. Nico’s podcast and Dr. Nico’s tireless strive to help the humankind, proves what a great human being he is and the worth of his teachings.

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