Is Spatial Reasoning an overlooked key asset?

If you are imagining decorating a new home, playing chess or reading a map, doing this would appeal to your spatial reasoning capabilities. Spatial skills are considered to be crucial for understanding as well as interpreting the world surrounding us including assuring professional success in different fields. It is noticed that spatial skills are often ignored.

About spatial reasoning

Also known as spatial intelligence is considered to be the capability to visualize, imagine as well as differentiate objects in2D or 3D form. It provides us with the ability to manipulate, understand and to modify complex data present. At the same time, it also helps to translate concepts to concrete ideas.

The various researches conducted have clearly identified proper relation between success achieved in STEM fields (mathematics, engineering, technology and science) with that of spatial reasoning. For instance, a study involving a huge number of students showed that their spatial capabilities predicted success later in the STEM fields. These days, organizations across the globe have realized the benefits of conducting spatial reasoning test among potential and existing employees to identify their strengths and weaknesses.Business

Is it an asset for innovation and creativity?

With the invention of engine, theory of relativity or discovery of DNA structure are said to be creations that were born out of spatial visualization. Hence, people having excellent spatial skills are found to be more skilled and experts at recognizing models. They do pay attention to all spatial details, imagine as well as express proposals from various inventive perspectives.

Therefore, spatial reasoning skills can not only be termed to be a measure to success being achieved in the STEM field, but also are valuable in several artistic fields. Some creative professions include cooking, fashion, architecture, multimedia, web design and communications. These professions can benefit immense benefits by hiring individuals having excellent spatial skills.

Spatial reasoning assessment

Existing evaluation measures that focus more on numerical or verbal skills will not help to identify people having fabulous spatial abilities. Hence, the organization is likely to miss out on the good candidates, if spatial reasoning evaluation exam is not adopted and conducted among the potential candidates. As a matter of fact, spatial reasoning evaluation exam measures the individual’s spatial reasoning skills, including mental rotation ability.

Among the different visual spatial skills involved, mental rotation is said to have sparked greater interest among researchers. It combines the capability to use imaginations towards visualizing and to reposition complex objects having the capability to locate patterns and to apply them in new situations.

Is it possible to develop spatial reasoning?

Plurality of intelligences was first highlighted by Howard Gardner, the American psychologist. What is actually known as intelligence is actually not an individual faculty. Rather, it is group of skills that is acquired or innate, which could be applied to the different spheres of life. Spatial intelligence is considered to be one among them.

It is through different types of activities that improvement can be noticed on spatial reasoning skills among people of all ages.

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