How to Choose a Great Online HR System

The HR department is one that is often overwhelmed with administration tasks. There are the holiday requests from staff members – in itself there is nothing too daunting about that. However, granting leave when more than one third of that section also happens to be requesting time out can be problematic.

It is up to the HR department to make sure the business is running smoothly at all times of the year. The administrative tasks do not simply stop there either. There are payroll issues to contend with. Working out who has worked overtime at at what rate is determined by precise calculations from the HR section.

Many years ago the payroll department would have had its own department. These days, the HR team are looking after this and also the payment of expenses. Travelling sales teams will tour the country and clock up expenses along the way. There are meal allowances, petrol costs per mile, hotel bills and meeting rooms to be booked. The duties of the HR department are ongoing.

New team members and departing ones all need to be taken care of. An introductory pack must be issued, a pass card printed up and then ther are the severance payments to sort out for those leaving the company.

There are so many tasks to take care of that this department must surely be a candidate for the busiest team in the business. Frankly, it could do with some help. The software business Avantus HR has just the right solution to help you choose a great online HR system.

WorkplaceOne is powerful and extremely comprehensive. It is fully equipped to run on tablets, smartphones and PCs. The cloud-based software is available to authorised users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

WorkplaceOne is suitable for all companies regardless of size. The software it runs on is online and is very secure. Users can sign on single sign-in process or choose any one of 80+ user profile options.

What Are The Key Features of WorkplaceOne?

It has a central employee database listing every staff member and personal details. There is also a reporting and analysis worksheet that administrators can use to readily check the latest sales or profit data.

This powerful online software also features payroll statistics, access control, and personal development stats for each team member and a record of holidays and sickness levels.

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