A leaflet rack could be a simple tiered stand which can be placed atop a table through to a significant floor display and accommodating many different varieties of sales brochures. Whether for keeping things in order or storing publicity material and add to the neatness of any retail outlet or office, brochure holders and displays are a vital component. They help in taking the case of business card holders for your desk. It would be really embarrassing if you waddle through your desk drawer searching for your business card during a very important business meeting.

On the other hand, it would come in handy if you can neatly place your business card stacked on some sort of neat brochure holders and displays on your desk so you wouldn’t have to go through the strenuous task of searching them in front of a possible business associate.

Brochure Holders and Displays

Make and type:

Nowadays brochure holders and displays are made in many different sizes and shapes, be clipped into metal or even glass making your display look elegant. They can be either vertical or horizontal formats. An acrylic brochure holder is an effective way in arranging your displays and brochures. It is available in many different sizes and is made out of clear acrylic sheets. It is possible to attach these to a wall at an amiable height which makes stacking or replacing old brochures very easy.

Another type of brochure holder is one with multiple acrylic pockets that are attached to a floor stand. This type of brochure holder is suitable for shops and offices as the brochures can be kept in a dense footprints region giving many people a chance to glimpse through your display.

Selecting the right display:

Making sure that you have the right display for your brochures, matters a lot. It should be of a comfortable height so that it will be noticed by many. Ensure that the brochures are being constantly replaced by new ones so that people will be piqued in reading your displays. Also place your brochure holder at a place where many people seem to pass by or wait at. This will make sure that a lot of people have come in contact with your product or have at least seen it in picture.


Choosing the right type of brochure holder for your displays plays an important role in marketing and adds to the sales promotion of your business.


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