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Market Your Business with the Potential Use of Banners

If you remember your good old school days, you would come across the memory lane of cultural activities. Do you remember running around with a banner in hand, trying to figure out the most appropriate place to hang it? You had known the advantages of the use of banner then. Today is no exception. Same holds for today.

Banners are still considered to be one of the most important and a strong tool in the world of marketing. They, as per one’s economic capacity can be found out in the stores and bannershopsor can be ordered online through websites like according to one’s requirement.

History of A Banner?

A banner is a piece of cloth that conveys a logo, slogan ormessage to the public. The history of banners dates back to 1300 BCE at the time of Moses. It helped the leader of the group to keep order while crossing a desert. The kinds varied from heavy adorned materials to long wooden poles. Later, they have been used as an indication of nobility and great power during the time of Romans and the knights in the middle ages until the 5th century.

Mid-1900s witnessed aerial banners used for advertisement for the first time. It was generally attached to propeller aircraft to drag over beaches and traffic so that one can draw good attention of potential customers. Online web banners have made their way through the internet as a clickable advertisement online, gaining popularity from 1993 until the present day.

Potential Use of Banners

Types of Banners

The use of banners varies right from the business perspective to personal use, found in

Some of the kinds are as follows

  • Vinyl banners – They are considered to be for the indoor as well as outdoor use. Lightweight but durable, the vinyl printing on these banners has proved to be quite economical.
  • Paper banners – Available in different sizes, they are meant strictly for indoor use as their resistance to external factors is weak. They are used at exhibitions or trade shows.
  • Mesh banners – They are printed digitally made up of criss-cross breathable fibres. The fabric holes allow the wind to pass to save it from getting torn, hence making it fit for external use.
  • Canvas banners – Meant for high-end displays. They are used indoors with their texture giving an exquisite look of paintings.

Banners area promotional tool and an effective way to send a message across. Available as large banners outside huge showrooms for store openings or clearance sale, they are made with bright colors to attract potential customers for their business growth. They are available as small banners also with a brief promotional message in front of products to be sold. Hence, the usage of banner cannot be despised as it has emerged out to be a strong marketing tool.

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